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HKU Continues Its TUBITAK Success

HKU Continues Its TUBITAK Success

Hasan Kalyoncu University, continueing to increase with the rise of success those of academics, increases its domestic and international success day by day.

The project ” Research for development of automatic flight control systems for unmanned aircraft vehicles”  by (HKU) Faculty of Engineering, Computer Engineering Department Asst. Prof.Abdul Hafez ABDUL HAFEZ “TUBITAK 1003 has passes the first phase within the scope of- Priority Areas of R & D Projects Support Program”,while (HKU) Faculty of Education and Education Sciences Department Dean Prof. Dr. Sener Buyukozturk has showed a great example of success  with the project,TUBITAK 1003 through the first stage of the Priority Areas.

Sener Buyukozturkhas passed the first stage with the project code called ” TUBITAK 1003 ” as the subject of ” improving the quality of special education teachers and the quality of education in Turkey “. Buyukozturk has indicated that the three main issues within the project were announced in the following way “The first issue is how special education teachers percieve their professions, duties and roles and whether this perception formed to determine the relationship between the perception of the quality of education. The second issue is that the project tends to study the special education teachers’ national and international qualification standards and the relation of these standards with the success of students. The third subject is classifed as the project aims developing professional development programs for special education which are suppoted via web and supervisor.

The project is the mere original and innovative work carried out for special education teachers in Turkey stated by the authorities. Besides indicating that the authorities are to finish 2nd stage evaluation work and it has been also declared that the application of 2nd stage can be submitted to TUBITAK until November 27,2015.